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Immersive Imaging

Immersive Imaging, Virtual Reality Photography or QuickTime VR is a multimedia technique that transforms a series of still photographs into an interactive experience. There are two basic types of these VR "movies".
Panoramas are the most common type of immersive imaging movies. A series of still photographs are taken while rotating the camera. The photographs are then combined or "stitched" together forming a complete scene. When shown, the viewer sees an interactive rotating 360° view from the perspective of the photographer.
Object movies can be in two types, Rotating Objects or Time Lapse Objects. A Rotating Object movie is created by photographing an object while it is rotated. The photographs are then stitched together so the viewer can see that object from every angle, similar to turning the object in your hand. A Time Laps object is a series of photographs made from the same location over a period of time. When combined the viewer can move the scene through time by dragging his mouse.
Virtual Tours are made by combining several panorama, object movies and other information to give the viewer the experience of visiting someplace without ever leaving their home. The viewer can navigate from room to room by clicking on a map or "hot spots" within the movie.

All of these types of Immersive Imaging movies offer an exciting new way to show your products or locations. VR movies can be used in both CD-ROM's and Web Sites.

Arjay is skilled in using Apple's QuickTime VR, MGI's Zoom and PhotoVista and IBM's Hot Media technologies as well as the digital or traditional photography and digital production necessary to complete your Virtual Reality project.

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