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Search Engine Optimization and Placement

Once your site is complete, you need to direct visitors to it. Arjay can assist you in getting your site listed with the top search engines and directories, helping to grow your business.

There is a science involved in getting a high placement on a search engine. The site must be optimized to accomplish this. Arjay will create a list of key words or phrases that will most likely be used by your perspective visitors. The individual site pages are them optimized for these keywords using the same criteria that the search engines use. If needed individual pages can be optimized for each search engine, to achieve the highest possible rankings.

After the site is optimized, Arjay will submit the sites pages to the top search engines and directories. This can be done one time or repeated several times throughout the year.

With an ongoing search engine plan, you can obtain the results that you want from your web site.

Contact Arjay to receive an estimate for optimizing and submitting you web site.



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